Emotional Play Therapy

"This powerful technique for

helping children let go

of difficult emotions is easy

to learn and quick to use."


Ever wondered why your child acts out? Is over anxious – worried and can’t or won’t explain themselves? Do they have outbursts of anger or sulking for no apparent reason? Is there something going on with your child’s behaviour you would like to get to the bottom of – for them and for you?

We tend to emphasize academic preparation with children. Often little effort is put into teaching kids the emotional skills that they need to succeed in life. Knowing how...
School Staff Intro to FTT4KIDZ
2 hr

Parenting in an emotional age.

Preschools and elementary schools that integrate emotional intelligence programs reap some very real benefits. Students who participate in these programs, exhibit less aggressive behavior towards adults and their peers. Developing emotional intelligence improves the overall environment in the classroom, making it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn.

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