We live in a stressful world; there are pressures everywhere to be more, do more, accomplish more. We are products of that and, of course, our children, your children are also products of that no matter how much you love them and try to protect them. A child’s negative behavior or withdrawal is often a manifestation of emotional issues or subconscious thoughts and feelings.

FTT4KIDZ is a simple yet powerful system that allows your child to release negative responses, blockages and emotions from their subconscious and enables them to connect with their feelings through pictures and express themselves as never before.

Jaz Goven -Creator of FTT4KIDZ

Working and playing with a child and the FTT4KIDZ system empowers the child to understand, resolve and release

feelings that may be causing negative behavior or withdrawal. It can also help the adult to have a better understanding of how this came into being. This increased understanding of a child’s behaviour is immensely healing for the adult and child alike and affects the family, the classroom sometimes even the community as a whole.

FTT4KIDZ has the power to completely change how a child relates to their experience of the world and increases your ability to guide them to their highest, happiest potential.

The Subconscious Mind Of A Child

"Now I understand! When he is upset now he can tell me what he's upset about. Before I didn't know... he was just angry and I didn't know why or how to help him. He can tell me how he feels now"

Mother of a 4 year old after his
1st FTT4KIDZ session

Understanding the Subconscious & the role it plays in a child's well being

Much is written about subconscious programming and the effect this has on the way we function as adults. So, how does it work and how is it affecting you and your children?

definition of subconscious: "...the part of your mind that notices and remembers information when you are not actively trying to do so and influences your behaviour even though you do not realize it.


The subconscious is like a big computer database and it can get viruses. The viruses are bad memories or scary movies and are remembered in their subconscious or database. If left unattended they grow bigger and stronger and gradually start to infect different areas of their lives, becoming ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ programming. Locating and releasing viruses early means their computer works more efficiently, they will feel better, perform better and enjoy their lives more than before.

A child falls down the stairs at age 3 and someone was present. At the time, the person panicked and responded with alarm. In this example, the child not only experiences physical pain, fear and shock of falling but also absorbs the emotions or alarm of the person present. This becomes a memory/virus/scary movie. This memory is immediately stored in their subconscious/database for future reference. It repeats itsef every time the subconscious ‘thinks’ it is approaching a similar situation.


The child may or may not remember the details of this experience in later life but like a virus this runs in the background as a ‘faulty’ program and may trigger unexplained fear based responses in the future.

Not all memories will necessary become viruses but the negative implications of something as simple as a fall are far reaching in terms of the data recorded in the subconscious.

We can't protect our children 24/7 or protect them from all negative experiences. Nor would that necessarily lead to a happy and fulfilled life. We need lots of experiences, positive and negative in order to grow as balanced human beings.

What we can do, is help our children with the learning process. We can help them communicate and understand their feelings, to release what they don’t need and live their lives as fully as possible.


FTT4KIDZ allows a child to access their subconscious feelings, to release negatives quickly and permanently. They then replace them with positive responses based on how they want to be and feel.

Negative behaviour is a result of negative feelings. Playing with your child and this simple system releases those feelings. It also gives you a better understanding of the child. This understanding of their behaviour is healing for parent, child, the whole family.

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