There is a Worldwide Epidemic of Children in Crisis.
Parents and children are stressed with few tools to help them navigate problems that arise. Worldwide more and more children are being diagnosed with depression, phobias and social anxiety leading to being withdrawn or acting-out; many are being treated with psychiatric medications. The rate of suicide in children is rising at an alarming rate. Suicide is the leading cause of death for children in Japan. In the US one child under13 died of suicide every 3.4 days between 2013 and 2015.

We emphasize academic preparation for life and put little effort into teaching kids the emotional skills they need to succeed. Knowing how to manage time, combat stress, and take care of your feelings are key components to living a good and balanced life.

Jaz Goven, the creator of FTT and FTT4KIDZ had a vision based on her own struggle, growing up in a world that didn’t fit her and in which she didn’t fit. Her parents were kind and loving but they labeled her as ‘shy’ and so she became that label until in adulthood she was able to unravel that ‘ball of string’ and realize she wasn’t shy but highly sensitive. Many creative, artistic and imaginative children are highly sensitive and struggle to deal with their feelings. Imagine how different her life may have been if she had been able to express herself to her parents? How differently her parents would have treated her when they knew the ‘truth’ of what she was feeling yet unable to express. 

What is FTT4KIDZ?
FTT4KIDZ is a fun and fast way to help children identify their feelings through play therapy and storytelling. With the help of a parent or practitioner, they learn to release problematic emotions and see that they can choose to have more life-enhancing feelings. This very early learning allows them to grow up being more aware of their feelings, able to communicate their needs and resolve uncomfortable or distressing situations. This decreases problematic behaviors such as angry outbursts or becoming withdrawn. Their behavior changes, often quite dramatically. From angry to co-operative; withdrawn to more engaged.

FTT4KIDZ growth
Fast Track Technique 4KIDZ is growing rapidly around the globe. We are looking to build a vibrant team around the world.
Are you interested in being a part of that growth?
We are looking for the right people to create a strong network of FTT4KIDZ practitioners, trainers and leaders. Be a part of our vision to help children grow into adults who feel good about themselves and make a positive impact on their world.

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